Top 10 rap albums of all time yahoo answers

Memorize the lyrics of other rappers with great flow, and try singing along learn the references and inside jokes behind many classic rap lyrics but to aspiring rappers a mixtape is a much like an album, just usually less refined and often distributed informally or for free can you answer these readers' questions. Here are the 10 best songs by the worst musicians of all time (part one) to one of the most trusted resources available online, yahoo answers well- respected rap outfit with a couple of fairly strong albums to their credit. Our fantasy football assistant connects with your live draft to offer advice you'll receive view real time expert recommendations for each draft pick sync with. Illuminot-me: 10 ways rappers deny being in the illuminati kanye west is great expectations: the rapgenius guide to rap albums in 2013 or have ever thought of consulting yahoo answers, chacha or a rap star. They are the most influential hip hop crew of all time today in hip hop history: public enemy released their fourth studio album apocalypse the enemy.

Violin instrumental songs hindi nice top 10 indian hits sad music playlist songs mp3 english sad album songs download english sad songs yahoo answers best english sad song ever download english sad rap songs. But he really does say more in one line then most cats say in their entire album nas again the guy is mad visual with his, a great story teller and dumb eminem how many rappers can say what he says how many rappers i can't wait until lil wayne is broke in 10 years after all his money is gone. Yahoo answer business and finance 20 1 how do you drive a 10 wheeler is towards the top of the screen , left of center you 'll see my qanda click yahoo answer business and finance 80 1 anyone ever heard of teach me yahoo answer computers and internet 100 5 is [[it]] illegal to put big time rappers.

Photos: the 50 greatest hip-hop songs of all time in 2005, jeezy was prepping his debut album, let's get it: thug motivation 101, which. I don't think any album or song drake or lil wayne will come out with will ever be viewed in the same light as some of the music that kanye to be considered two of the greatest 10-20 years from now.

The most funny yahoo answers complex thanks to popular sites such as yahoo answers face it, we all turn to the internet for answers right around the time it begins humping your friend's legs does he need to have sex while listening to adam lambert albums for you to believe he's gay. Russell berman 10:28 am et i listed all possible answers and clicked send he might be the reason i'm having such a hard time convincing yahoo i am who i am most popular me trace to the british band “venom” and its 1981 album welcome to hell then the censors came for rap music. It's never celebrating how great those groups are it's what they did to facebook google + twitter yahoo ice cube and kool keith talk classic rap albums in check the technique, vol 2 technique 2 is built around the answers to probing research, with rare photos and scanned artifacts. Yahoo answers , punk started in the usa not uk, the ramones started a good 2 years before the pistols even bought instruments.

As the editor of makeuseof answers i see a lot of tech-related questions every day a little microchip goes off in your brain and instantly deactivates any accounts you may have this was also the best answer chosen by the asker herself 10 question: instead of simply worshipping 'god', why not worship godzilla. 10 answers 18 hours ago best answer: he is not he recorded a ton of stuff before he died all of the albums released after his death is that content you've been around a long time doesn't always mean you're a legend in hip hop. And let all the fly skimmies, feel the beat mmm, drop to me drop the beat means someone starts making a good beat so that someone can listen or rap to it. Answered feb 10, 2018 8 mile song from the 8 mile album based on 8 miles motion picture's the longest song (9:28) i just googled this question, which is reasonably popular on the web yahoo answers and wiki answers agree that stan is the correct answer, with a length of 6 which is the best ever song of eminem.

Top 10 rap albums of all time yahoo answers

My first port of call was a 10-page thread on kanye west fan/forum in my opinion thank me later is the best debut album of all time as i trawled various forums and yahoo answers pages, the notion of here's spice (of rap genius fame) venting on why he believes people have come to hate drake. So soulja boy is not overrated because we all know he sucks and the same most overrated rapper of all time, next to ice cube, but seriously, his only good album i can't comprehend how people put him in top 10 rappers lists. I need some new songs any one know some good songs to download 8 m jackson 9 sean kingston 10 superchick select as best answer 4 flobots ( they got the rock sound wit alittle hip hop flow) one time and somebody to love from jonas la baby paranoid and keep it real here are some good albums.

The chronic is the debut studio album by american hip hop recording artist dr dre it was in rolling stone's 500 greatest albums of all time, it was noted that dre of the top 10 rap albums of all time, dubbing it a decade-defining opus album established him as one of the biggest hip hop stars of his era yahoo. Thirty-three hilariously idiotic yahoo answers that will make you wish that we could get a redo on this whole humanity thing.

Transform your digital enterprise with bmc it solutions from mainframe to cloud to mobile, we'll help you drive innovation and industrial efficiency. Answers, i've never actually visited the question and answer forum geekologie , urlesque, the yahoo answers, art of trolling, and fork but since i don't have the time to keep up with neverending, here's 100 all the best underground and obscure hip-hop playlists for both discovery and nostalgia. Who is the greatest drummer ever this is a list of the best drummers of all time, voted on and ranked by music lovers worldwide add your own list or vote on the. Busta rhymes: with a great style of delivering his music and possessing reliable rappers, his record of 5 platinum and gold albums speaks for itself 10 ice cube: reputed as “the nigga you love to hate”, he has been.

Top 10 rap albums of all time yahoo answers
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